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ITEM NAME: Venus of Lespugue
SIZE: 8"H (20cm)
ITEM TYPE: Statue on marble base
ITEM MATERIAL: Casting stone
ITEM FINISH: Antique stone finish

The Venus of Lespugue was found in 1922 by Saint Perrier in the cave of Les Rideaux. The sculpture is made out of mammoth ivory and measures 5.75"high. The breasts are deteriorated but they have been restored in this reproduction so that we can appreciate the original look of the statue. She represents the Earth and it's fertility and the continuation of life, The Mother Goddess, the universal female principle even if it is in its most primitive conception.Upper Paleolithic female figures such as this one are found from the Pyrenees mountains to Siberia, indicating that East and West were once united in honoring the Goddess. The vast majority (over 90%) of human images from 30,000 to 5,000 b.c. are female. Women were recognized as the life-givers and sustainers and they were revered as priestesses.
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